MORE PRECISION. MORE SPEED. MORE EFFICIENCY. Just three of many advantages for tunnel construction 


Tunnel construction not only requires precise and powerful work, it’s crucial that cracks are prevented. This is where low-vibration cutting can prove to be invaluable, as it prevents the production of dangerous cracks and undesirable vibrations.

Every tunnel needs a cutting unit

Rockwheel cutting units shape tunnels, remove projections, and, when used with a rotator, have an operating radius of 360°. Moreover, they have a mounted water spray nozzle that can be used to directly suppress dust. Finally, the cut material has the size of gravel, making it easy to remove from the site.

Whether a tunnel will be used for rail, road vehicles, watercraft, pedestrians, pipes, or power cables, Rockwheel cutting units are the perfect choice thanks to their combination of precision and efficiency. 


• Low-noise and low-vibration

• Prevent microcracks

• Fatigue-free work

• Operating radius of 360° with rotator

• Mounted spray nozzle ensures dust-free work

• Remove projections

• Gravel-sized cut material

• Eliminate landfill and disposal fees




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