Quickly grind tree stumps

There are two efficient solutions available:

1. Standard picks can be quickly replaced with custom wood picks without having to change the entire drum. These wood picks are not only rugged, they are also unaffected by the rocks commonly found among roots.

2. Another option is using a wood cutting wheel, which features sharp blades that can grind roots and tree stumps in no time. Additionally, the fact that this wood cutting wheel has a large diameter guarantees an extremely high peripheral velocity.

The two tree stump cutting units feature a low-noise and low-vibration design, making them perfect for landscaping, curbside work, and much more.

Forestry and trail building

Their powerful performance makes cutting units indispensable when building and maintaining trails and roads for pedestrians and vehicles. Clearing roots from the ground, cutting thick hedges, and building trails through thick underbrush are just some of the applications that these cutting units can tackle precisely, quickly, and quietly.

Landscaping and earthwork

Loosening compacted soil is one of the tasks that needs to be taken care of when creating new landscaping, and a Rockwheel C2 or G5 on a small excavator is a powerful and efficient way to take care of it. Needless to say, using small excavators also comes with an additional benefit in that it prevents damage to the adjacent site. This means that preparing drains, lawns, walkways etc. could not be easier.


• It takes a mere 15 minutes to replace standard picks with wood picks

• High peripheral velocity makes wood cutting wheel three times faster

• Wood cutting wheel with sharp blades instead of picks

• Clear underbrush, roots, thick hedges

• Quickly loosen compacted soil

• Prepare drains and walkways





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