Steel mills



Rockwheel cutting units are perfect for the precise profiling of the interior surface of cauldrons or boliers at steel mills, removing both projections as well as residues. Cutting units are able to withstand the residual heat in cauldrons better than any other conventional attachments, and in contrast to hammers are able to precisely profile boilers without punching any holes into the boiler wall.

Every time oil, gas, or solid fuels such as coal, wood, or steel are burned, residues such as ash, soot, sludge, and slag are produced. These residues settle inside the boiler and need to be removed.

Any soot or limescale soiling on heating surfaces will reduce the boiler’s efficiency and increase fuel consumption, resulting in higher energy costs. In fact, in worst-case scenarios there may even be boiler malfunctions or complete breakdowns, so boilers must be cleaned on a regular basis.


• Precise profiling

• Does not punch holes into cauldron/ boiler walls

• Able to cut extremely hard material

• Heat-resistant