Soil mixing



Rockwheel soil mixers are used to compact and stabilize soil and to take carry out environmental remediation work.

An optimal paddle arrangement guarantees the homogenous mixing of the substrate or of the substrate with an additive, while injectors and pipes provide a steady supply flow.

One of the many potential applications is treating contaminated material on-site in such a way that pollutants are reliably prevented  from leaching. In fact, this can completely eliminate the need to dispose of material at hazardous waste landfills, thereby avoiding the high cost and complexity involved in doing so.

Our soil mixers can be used with compact excavators or carriers within a range of up to 125 metric tonnes. Optional equipment options include depth limiters, extensions, injectors, and adapter plates. Moreover, we have a variety of paddle sizes available in order to ensure that your soil mixer will produce optimal results for your application.

Our soil mixer is a full-fledged, heavy-duty cutting unit that uses mixing paddles instead of picks, and can be converted from a soil mixer into a cutting unit within a matter of minutes.


• Homogeneous mixing

• Compact and stabilize

• Mix contaminated material

• Eliminate disposal costs

• Eliminate hazardous waste landfill costs

• Various paddle sizes

• Can be quickly converted to a fully-fledged cutting unit

• Can be equipped with injectors, depth limiter, etc.