Rockwheel cutting technology not only maximizes precision, but also does the job much quicker. In fact, its removal performance is two to three times faster than that achieved with hammers.

The extremely short cutting units, combined with their sturdy and indestructible housing, are guaranteed to make quick work of the rock being removed. Moreover, they leave projections clearly visible and easy to work on immediately as opposed to ripper teeth, which break up large pieces of rock and make work difficult for excavator operators.

When the removed material is internally processed as aggregate, Rockwheels kill two birds with one stone, as excavated material will already be 1 – 3 cm in size. This stands in sharp contrast to hammers, which produce larger pieces of rock.

Working with Rockwheel units is far less strenuous and exhausting for excavator operators when compared to the bone-breaking blows produced when using ripper teeth. In fact, these units are not only gentle on operators, but on the excavators as well by reducing the mechanical load to which the latter are subjected.


• Two to three times better removal performance

• Low-vibration work

• Projections can be cut simultaneously

• Special picks for heavily abrasive material

• Sandy brine water is not an issue

• Removal performance depends on rock hardness, toughness, and hard-wearing materials

• Excavated material size of 2 – 3 cm