DEMOLISH AND CUT – all in one single step

Unrivalled performance enables Rockwheel cutting units to effortlessly crush concrete –
including rebar.

No additional attachments are required to cut rebar, as the cutting unit can do everything in one single step: demolish and cut. The resulting crushed material will be the same size as gravel, making its removal easy and efficient, as well as making it possible to reuse immediately as backfill.

Low noise levels

for use in sensitive locations

Demolition with cutting units is a low-noise activity! This is important when working in sensitive locations, such as urban and residential areas that require the use of quiet attachments.
Moreover, the use of cutting units makes low-vibration work possible, as it eliminates the typical impact energy of hammers.


With their sturdy full-length Hardox R central protective plates, reinforced housing, and carbide-tipped picks, heavy-duty Rockwheel cutting units are virtually indestructible.


• Faster than hammers on similar materials

• Easily cuts rebar and flat bar

• Reusable crushed material (gravel-sized)

• Crushed material can be easily removed

• Rugged steel structure with Hardox reinforcements

• Can be used for removal in layers

• Perfect for noise-sensitive locations

• Low vibration minimizes machine wear and environmental impact

• No case drain line required

• Mounted spray nozzle ensures dust-free work