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Some jobs require a combination of precision and power and this definitely applies to profiling and smoothing work. This is where Rockwheels come in: not only do they guarantee impressive power with any excavator class, but they deliver steady and consistent work thanks to a perfectly fine-tuned pick arrangement. 

When restoring sensitive concrete structures such as foundations and bridge piers, Rockwheel cutting units work with levels of precision that no other attachment can match.

In fact, a Rockwheel is the right choice even when it comes to challenging work such as smoothing the walls in tunnel projects. In these cases, the cutting unit will remove all loose rock and debris fragments, ensuring that the tunnel is safe for continuing work.

The shallow angle between the pick tips and the concrete surface is less than 45 degrees, and this, combined with the accurate, low-noise, and low-vibration operation of the picks, prevents microcracks in surrounding strata. It also makes the operation fatigue-free, which is an important advantage.


• Precise and powerful

• Prevents microcracks

• Shallow profiling angle of less than 45 degrees

• Steady and smooth work achieved with an optimized pick arrangement

• Accurate to 0 – 120 mm with a Rockwheel Roadrunner







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