Cutting in all positions

Whether it is for horizontal, vertical, angled, or overhead work – Rockwheel patch planers are always the most cost-effective, high-performance attachments you can choose. And under the Roadrunner product name, these heavy-duty units certainly make a compelling case for being selected to use on asphalt, rock, concrete, and contaminated surfaces.

Their low vibration, perfectly straight alignment, and parallel cutting edges make them the ideal attachment for repairing surfaces, performing precise contouring work, and efficient milling.

When it comes to asphalt work, the Roadrunner combines all three usual steps. The perfectly straight work and the adjustable cutting depth eliminate corrective cutting and imprecise breaking. Moreover, the gravel-sized milled material can be reused immediately, eliminating landfill and disposal fees. 


• Vertical and horizontal work

• Angled and overhead work

• Milling and contouring

• Continuously adjustable cutting depth of 0 – 120 cm

• Cutting depth ensures level milled surfaces

• Material can be immediately reused as backfill

• Eliminate landfill and disposal fees