360° work




Rockwheel cutting units can be operated with a rotator unit. This slewing ring with infinite rotation capability is installed directly on the Rockwheel and makes it possible to perform high-precision cutting at angles as well. Moreover, the fact that the cutting unit can be rotated this way means that the operating radius is increased to 360°.

The rotator unit ensures that the rotary cutter will always assume the most effective position for its grinding work, significantly improving overall performance. This also reduces pick wear and ensures that the excavator boom system is subjected to less stress.

Cutting units with a rotator can be mounted on excavators with an operating weight of up to 50 metric tonnes.


• 360° operating radius

• Fast rotation

• Infinite, variable rotation

• Improves cutting performance in trench construction, tunnel construction, and profiling work in particular

• Adapter plate makes it possible to do lateral clearing with the cutting unit turned



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