flagship series

  • Lightweight champion

    Lightweight champion

    Cutting unit with chain drive

    Drive is provided by a chain, without a gearbox and motor:
    • Ultra-lightweight
    • Ideal for use with the smalles mini excavators with an operating weight of 1-3 tons
    • Maintenance-free chain drive
    • Power: 9,5 kW


  • Strong and compact

    Strong and compact

    Cutting units with gearbox drive

    The best solution for mini excavators:
    • Transmission ratio for maximum torque
    • Optionally avaiable with a second motor for double the power
    • For use with excavators with an operating weight of 3-8 tons
    • Power: 22/44 kW


  • Robust and direct

    Robust and direct

    Cutting units with direct drive

    Robust technology with only three main components: housing, motor and cutting drums
    • Direct drive cutting units (without gearbox)
    • Saves costs and the complexity of a gear box
    • For use with excavtors with an operationg weight 8-33 tons
    • Power: 29/110 kW


  • Power and technology

    Power and technology

    Cutting units with gearbox drive

    • Twin motor technology power and optimum weight distribution
    • Solid and heavy-duty design for a long life
    • For use with excavators with an operation weight of 40-65 tons
    • Power: 140/220 kW


Cutting units for suitable excavator size

  • less then 10 tons
  • 10 - 30 tons
  • 30 - 50 tons

Extensive range of applications for Rockwheel cutting units




  • Trench and pipeline construction

    Trench and pipeline construction

    More metres in less time.

    Prepare your trench precisely and immediately reuse the excavated material.

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  • Demolition and concrete work

    Demolition and concrete work

    Speed and strength.

    When you need both, you'll move forward faster with a Rockwheel.

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  • Cutting performance in the mining sector

    Cutting performance in the mining sector

    Direct re-use.

    The excavated material can be directly reused without further treatment.

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  • Contouring / Profiling / Building renovation

    Contouring / Profiling / Building renovation

    Precision and skill.

    The more sensitive the area, the more beneficial is the cutting unit. You only remove what you really need to remove.

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  • Tunneling


    Accurate, fast, effecient - offering a wealth of benefits

    Rockwheel cutting units have successfully completed various tunnel expansions and a veriety of tunnel constructions.

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  • Asphalt Grinding

    Asphalt Grinding

    Uncompromising - very strong in use

    Rockwheel patch planers are robust, high-performance tools for horinzintal, vertical, angled and overhead planing.

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  • Stump Grinding

    Stump Grinding

    Powerful stump removale

    The woodcutter drum with special teehth, available as an option, is recommended. With its cutting function and higher peripheral velocity, the woodcutter wheel is faster and three times more effective.

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  • Underwater Grinding

    Underwater Grinding

    A greater number of possible uses - also underwater

    Rockwheel cutting units are designed to work on very hard rock - even underwater they can be used effectivly.

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